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The Colour Forge

Blue Zenithal Bundle

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Blue Zenithal Bundle


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Zenithal Bundles… Cool… So what are they?

We were able to go through our wide range of popular spray primers and design a set of zenithal bundles.

We’ve picked these 9 bundles to help cover the vast majority of projects as we introduce this technique for painting armies quickly. But what are these 9 bundles, what’s in them, and what sort of projects can they be used for?

Let’s take a look at them…


This Zenithal bundle is a great foundation for painting a multitude of blue schemes, not just Ultra-smurfs.

This bundle works great for Space Doggos and Squats,  Panoceania from Infinity, Death Watch Mandolorians, and more besides.

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone -Tempest Blue
Light Tone – Wolfkin Blue

Grab this awesome Zenithal bundle now for the special discounted price of £30!


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