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The Colour Forge

Desert Zenithal Bundle

  • Colour_Forge_Desert_Zenithal

Desert Zenithal Bundle


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Zenithal Bundles… Cool… So what are they?

We were able to go through our wide range of popular spray primers and design a set of zenithal bundles.

We’ve picked these 9 bundles to help cover the vast majority of projects as we introduce this technique for painting armies quickly. But what are these 9 bundles, what’s in them, and what sort of projects can they be used for?

Let’s take a look at them…


The last, but definitely NOT the least useful bundle in our introductory range. For all your Desert Raider or Battle Droid needs, this zenithal has you covered.

Have a light colour scheme but want to include warmer tones, this bundle is perfect for you.

Dark Tone – Trench Brown
Mid Tone – Desert Sand
Light Tone – Wight Bone

Grab this awesome Zenithal bundle now for the special discounted price of £30!


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