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The Colour Forge

About Us

We are The Colour Forge. A British company created in 2020 with one simple objective; to supply high-quality hobby products that don’t break the bank.

Frustrated by the lack of choice and availability of quality hobby supplies, we changed the way products are brought to hobbyists. As a team of enthusiastic nerds, we are driven to source, manufacture, and supply UK-made products that we use in our own personal projects. If it doesn’t live on our hobby bench, it doesn’t make it into our range, it’s as simple as that!

Our Colour-Matched Spray Primers

As hobbyists we put a ton of time and effort into our hobby projects, spending hour upon hour to make them stand out on the tabletop.

A good quality spray primer is such an important foundation for painting miniatures, but for years the choice was between affordability and quality, with a lack of availability thrown in for good measure.

At The Colour Forge, we made it our goal to end this frustration.

Deciding which spray primer to use should be the easiest choice in your project. It should be:

  • Available in a wide selection of colours which are easy to use on your project.
  • Give you solid coverage, preserving all the detail of the miniature.
  • Come in cans large enough to complete your project.
  • And of course, be affordable.

We’re excited to bring you our signature colour-matched spray primers!

With an extensive range of colours at an affordable price, choosing a spray primer is as easy as using them.

The Colour Forge’s colour-matched spray primers are matched to Citadels acrylics (not their spray paints), enabling you to get an unbeatable match, an extensive selection, and at an affordable price, every single time.

We also have an ever-expanding range of hobby products including basing materials, magnets, modelling glues and MDF terrain.

Our wider hobby range has the same level of obsessive, detail-orientated search for perfection that has made our spray primers so successful.

We hope you join us on our journey as we work to become the home of hobby supplies in our community.

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