Why settle for the town? We are looking to paint the whole of UK red… other colours are available.


Cant find a local Colour Forge Stockist? Do you have a local store that you wished stocked The Colour Forge? Send us their details and we will contact them!

    East Midlands

    The Outpost –

    Element Games –

    Dragon Cavern –

    Imps Gaming –

    Narthex Wargaming –

    Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming –

    Boardgame Para Dice –

    Geek Retreat Leicester –

    Mantic Games –

    Hobby Workshop –

    B&H Models –

    Grim Dark Games –

    Barnsley Models and Games –

    Clan Shots Gaming –

    North West

    Element Games –

    War Game Store –

    Xenos Wargames –

    Mutant Dice Games –

    Lancaster Board and Sword –

    Just Play –

    Mikes Gaming Store

    Alchemists Workshop –

    Games and Cards UK –

    Laserforge Minis –

    Goblin Gaming –

    Bow and Blade Games –

    Lazy dragon Gaming

    North East

    Pro Tech Models –

    Wamp Store –

    Bad Wolf Gaming –

    Cosmic Toys –

    Mighty Lancer Games –

    Geek Retreat Sunderland –

    EH Gaming –

    We Buy Wargaming Ltd –

    Gaming Figures –

    Living Realms –

    Stronghold Games

    South West

    Firestorm Games –

    Lvl Up Gaming –

    Imperial Games –

    Incom Gaming –

    Test Valley Models –

    Clives Die Casts & Plastic Kits –

    Area 51

    South East

    CGC Emporium –

    Antonian Wargames –

    Wargames Workshop –

    Ashdown Gaming –

    Grumpy Pony Hobby –

    Cryptic Cabin –

    West Midlands

    Questing Knight Games –

    Worcester Wargames –

    The Paint Rack –

    Larp Inn –

    East England

    Ninja Mitton Gaming Café –

    4TK Gaming –

    Omega Games –

    Wyldstorm Games


    Geek Retreat Dumfries –

    Static Games –

    A1 Toys –

    Black Lion Games


    Firestorm Games –

    Acme Games –

    Pegasus Hobbies and Games –

    Loaded Dice –

    Great Escape Games –

    On-Line Only

    The Brigade HQ

    Lords of Waaagh

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