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The Colour Forge

Author: Stuart Lee

Horus Heresy Status and Reaction Markers

Do you play Horus Heresy? Do you hate having to remember every effect on every unit, during every turn of the game? Sick of having to use spare dice, random bits of whatever, or a scrap of paper to record damages? We’ve got you completely covered! For all the effects that can impact your games […]

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New Wound Marker Set

Wound markers, they’re great! But do we really need to tell you what they’re used for? They’re wound markers used to… mark wounds. It’s really as simple as that!   And wouldn’t you know, we’ve just released some wound markers that are perfect for all your gaming needs! You’ll never panic over picking up the dice […]

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The New Way to Drybrush

Whilst we all learnt using kitchen roll to get the paint off the brush, we know it doesn’t provide the best results. The kitchen roll will soak up most of the moisture, and cause a grainy-looking finish on your model. We got fed up of finding new surfaces to wipe our brushes on. We got […]

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