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Using Matt Varnish Like A Pro – It’s Actually Not That Tricky!

After all your hard work building, painting and basing your model, you want to ensure the paint job doesn’t get chipped or damaged during its lifetime, especially if you plan on playing any games. Our Matt Varnish will be your perfect solution. But how do you use it properly so it doesn’t become frosted and ruin your model?

1. Spray in the Right Conditions

Moisture is a varnish’s worst enemy. You can defend against frosted varnish by spraying in ambient humidity under 50% and preferably spraying in warm conditions. You can check the conditions on any weather app or get a humidity monitor.

2. Warm the Can

If you already live in a warm country or it’s a warm day, you can skip this step! Outside the 4 warm days a year in the UK, this step is a lifesaver. Warming your can doesn’t have to take any fancy implements, just take a bowl or Tupperware of warm water, place your can in a plastic bag and submerge in the water. Leave it for a couple of minutes so your can comes up to temperature.

3. Shake the Can

Shaking your spray can is the best way to avoid your varnish going frosty. We suggest shaking your can vigorously for at least two minutes minimum, as this will ensure the propellant and base mix fully. It’s especially important if you haven’t used your spray varnish in a while!

4. Apply the Varnish

This step is very similar to how you’d prime a model. Hold your miniature 25-35cm away from you, and then spray in a fluid motion back and forth across your model to get even coverage. Leave to dry between coats for at least 30 minutes before applying another layer of varnish. Make sure you leave it to dry fully, otherwise, you risk the dreaded frost! 

Help! My Varnish Came Out Frosty!

    If your varnish comes out frosted, don’t fret! You haven’t ruined your miniature forever. Here’s a quick tip to help your miniature get back to its original form. And you only need some standard items that you can find around your home to help you out. 

    • Take some virgin olive oil and coat your miniature in a thin layer, letting it cure for at least 1-2 hours 
    • Wipe off as much of the excess as you can using a clean cloth or a cosmetic sponge. You’ll know you’ve got most of the excess off when the surface is clear on your model.
    • Go back through the previous steps to ensure you’re spraying in optimum conditions and that you’ve prepped your can
    • Re-apply the varnish

    And there you go! That hard work will have reappeared under layers of the milky frosting, and you don’t have to throw it all away. 

    Grab some Matt Varnish and protect your painted minis.

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