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Horus Heresy Status and Reaction Markers

Do you play Horus Heresy?

Do you hate having to remember every effect on every unit, during every turn of the game? Sick of having to use spare dice, random bits of whatever, or a scrap of paper to record damages? We’ve got you completely covered! For all the effects that can impact your games of Horus Heresy, now with ready-to-use Status and Reaction Markers!

horus heresy status markers
Status Markers
horus heresy reaction markers
Reaction Markers

Try Our Fancy Status Marker Sets!

With the new edition of Horus Heresy, there will be more interaction with leadership during the game. So, we’ve created the markers for pinning and falling back to aid you in recording accurate effects on your turn! 

As there are different lasting effects on vehicles and other units in your army that carry on outside of your turn, these can be hard to keep track of. By using our helpful Status Markers, you can now keep an eye on when your crew has been Shaken all the way up until your Unit is Immobile. 

For those one-shot weapons like your Magna Combi Weapon or Hunter Killer Missiles, we’ve got an Out of Ammo token to help you keep track. 

Need to remember the weapon effects until the end of your turn? We’ve got you covered with the Concussed and Blind tokens.

Keep forgetting when your model has suffered a Rad Phage hit? We’ve got a marker for that too!

horus heresy status marker

And our Reaction Marker Sets!

We’ve also got you covered with Reaction Markers! Since reactions have become an integral part of the game, we want to make sure you can keep track and swing the game in your favour. 

We’ve got tokens that you can use for different phases of the game, from Advance to Evade to Overwatch. So be sure to use our markers so you can easily see which reaction you have left to use!

hours heresy reaction markers

We’ve even got some Interceptor-specific markers! Because we’re super generous, as well as the uncapped allotted reactions of Interceptors, we’ve given you seven tokens to play with. These can also be used in conjunction with our Status Markers, so for example, if you use Return Fire then you can use a Pinned status marker to show you’ve pinned your opponent. This means you can easily keep track of your moves, and don’t have to keep faffing around with random scraps of paper. Simple!

And finally, we’ve got a Legion-specific reaction marker, so you can always see when you’ve got that move available. No more trying your best to remember if you’ve used it, we’ve got an easy reaction marker for you instead!

So for all your Horus Heresy shenanigans, make sure you’re using our Status Marker and Reaction Marker sets to keep track of all the effects, so your game is as smooth as possible!

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