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New MDF Infinity Terrain

Our whole focus is on helping your hobby hit that next level. Easier, cheaper, better! But that doesn’t stop once your minis are painted. Why go through all that effort to have a really useful hobby set up, brilliantly painted & based minis, only to plop them onto a table with rubbish terrain. 

We’ve all played on tables with books for buildings, and boxes for hills. Nothing wrong with that, but it can kill the immersion. We’ve also played on those incredibly sculpted (and incredibly expensive) diorama-type tables. Immersion for days, but after a couple of games it can get a bit same-y, and there’s only so long we can spend trying to balance minis on the bumpiest rubble in town. 

This is why we’ve chosen to go the route we have. 

Modular, detailed, and really useful. It won’t break the bank and it won’t take 3 years of your life to build.

The Fun Version Of Ikea!

Our new terrain kits don’t require allen keys or those little wooden worm guys. 

First off, we’ve got the Bourak terrain kit. Named after the smallest planet in the Infinity Universe, so it makes sense that this is our diddiest building of the new set.

Want something slightly bigger for your game? We’ve got you covered with Varuna, which is double the length. 

The L-shaped Yutang-Shentang will create a real chunk of cover, as well as give you a large roof space to create good lines of sight.

Need somewhere for your entire warband to hide? That’s the Svalarheima terrain kit! This one is the biggest building in the range. 

Sitting down to build them with the instructions is super easy… or… you can bin off the instructions and combine multiple kits to create whatever sort of building monstrosity your heart desires. 

Bash the Bourak and Yutang-Scentang together and create a funky two-storied L-shape. Add a building to make interesting shapes, as much height as you want, and create all the covers and obstacles you could need! 

We’ve loved the games we’ve played with these on the tabletop so far, and can’t wait to keep finding weird and wacky ways to set them up.

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