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The Colour Forge


The Ultimate Hobby Set-Up

The whole reason The Colour Forge is a thing that exists is to give hobbyists the perfect tools and materials for any type of project. 

But before you get started on any project you should have the ultimate hobby set so you can paint in style! And it just so happens…

the ultimate hobby set up with hobby accessories

Paint Racks!

We know you love having a full stock of all your favourites, so we’ve got paint racks for all occasions! We’ve got a rack that fits all Citadel pots, a rack for your dropper bottles, a rack for your larger bottles, and a rack for your P3 bottles too! There’s no paint pot left behind at Colour Forge. Now you‘ve got a place for all your paints with them in easy reach for that all-important painting.

storing paints in a paint rack for citadel paints, vallejo paints, p3 paints and large paints

Compact Hobby Station!

Sometimes you just want a designated space on your hobby desk, where you have all the paints you’ll be using handy. You’ll also want your trusty brushes and some of your favourite tools and accessories within reach. Well, look no further! Our handy compact hobby station has everything you’ll need right at your fingertips. We’ve got a paint rack (with multiple options provided), a brush stand, a bitz box, and a very handy no-spill paint holder! Don’t say that we don’t spoil you. All of this, and a space to put your mug of paint water (not to be confused with your drinking water). And top it off, you’ve got space to paint on, so you don’t have to worry about getting your workspace dirty.

how to create a compact hobby set up with hobby accessories

Drybrush Palettes!

Finally, we have our handy drybrush palettes. We don’t need to tell you how outdated kitchen roll is for getting paint off a drybrush. And you don’t want to mess up your table with unnecessary paint streaks! We’ve got the ultimate array of palettes, from a small biscuit all the way up to our XXL palette for those King Kong size projects!

drybrush palettes to help with dry brush projects

Customise your hobby space to be perfect for you. Take your pick of the right paint racks, brush holders, palettes, and more. Get your ultimate hobby set up without losing all your hobby budget!

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