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Another First For Us With Today’s Colour!

An absolutely gorgeous colour, and another first for The Colour Forge, in today’s reveal for the Signature Series. Today we get to show of Midwinter Minis choice of colour, Midwinter Ice! A shade of blue taken directly from the channel logo. “Guy and Hatty have chosen a bold, vibrant aquamarine for their collaboration with The […]

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We’re Ready For Our Close Up!

The last in our colour reveals brings Tabletop Tactics’ choice! When you put out content every week that shows off your painted minis in HD close-ups, then you need to paint them well, so when this crew talk about painting armies well, it’s worth taking it on board. Here’s The Spider talking about their addition […]

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A Brand New Metallic!? Yes Please!

We really can’t wait to start showing off primed minis with this new metallic!And the fact that Siege Studios has a custom marine colour scheme ready to go… tickle me excited! Here’s what James has to say about Siege Armour James: “The idea for a custom Space Marine chapter came up a little while ago […]

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There Was Only One Real Choice For A Name!

We started the week before last with Pete The Wargamer as our first announcement. Now we’re nearly finished showing off all the colour and names for the campaign. And with Pete, if your familiar with his channel and the great content he puts out, there really was only one name and the colour to go […]

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Bright, Saturated, And Super Useful!

Today’s Signature Series colour reveal stands out all on its own! Here is Rogue Hobbies’ own Suggs, on the colour they chose for our upcoming campaign! Suggs: “This bright pink primer is an absolute POWERHOUSE of saturation and is unlike any paint I’ve ever seen in a rattle can which is partially why I picked […]

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The Craziest Rumours Are True!

Today’s colour reveal is bound to blow the socks off the hobby community! Prepare Yourself!!Nobody will be expecting the colour that Chapter Master Valrak has gone for. No! It’s not taken from 1 half of an Iron Warrior’s hazard stripe! It’s not even the colour of 4 squares from a glorious bakery’s logo. But we […]

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The First Colour In The Signature Series!

The reveals keep on rolling as we get closer and closer to the launch of our Kickstarter! Today we start to show off the colours each of our collaborators went for, and hear from the creators themselves on why they chose the colours they did. First up, Mikey from Hellstorm Wargaming (seen here with a […]

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Hobby Hacks & Tutorials By The Bucketload – It’s MidWinter Minis!

We’re thrilled to announce the team over at Midwinter Minis are joining the Signature Series! Guy and Hatty are taking their hobby hack and tutorial chops and combining it with our classically great spray primers to bring a new colour the the Signature Series! Midwinter Minis! “Midwinter Minis make miniature painting and tabletop hobbying approachable […]

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