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The Colour Forge


The Craziest Rumours Are True!

Today’s colour reveal is bound to blow the socks off the hobby community!

Prepare Yourself!!
Nobody will be expecting the colour that Chapter Master Valrak has gone for.

No! It’s not taken from 1 half of an Iron Warrior’s hazard stripe! It’s not even the colour of 4 squares from a glorious bakery’s logo. But we are thrilled to introduce Valrak Yellow!


“Yellow is one of my most favourite colours, it was one of the main reasons I painted a certain gene enhanced super legion many, many years ago. It not only fortifies your soul, it also makes anything you paint x10 cooler! It’s also a colour that has many different hues and tones. I really wanted a golden type of yellow and with working over the years I’ve managed to get that colour perfected.

Before I had to use a different combination of paints and glazes, but now working with ColourForge we’ve achieved that in one perfect can of paint! One of the main reasons I decided to work with colour forge on this project is down to the community behind me, they also asked how I achieved my yellow and how they could get the same results, now they can. I look forward to seeing more people paint their way to glory with VALRAK YELLOW and show how badass they truly are!”

Join Valrak’s members on his live streams to troll him light-heartedly about… a lot of things!
Check out his channel here


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