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As Crazy And Colourful As We Are – It’s Rogue Hobbies!

We didn’t think we could find anyone as colourful as we are here at The Colour Forge. But there they were, on the very next stand to us at Salute!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest collaborator on the upcoming Signature Series:

Rogue Hobbies!

Rogue Hobbies is a channel which focuses on the best part of the Hobby, HAVING FUN! You’ll find a little bit of everything from painting to Lore deep dives but most importantly you’ll find a place where even the weirdest and wackiest of ideas have a home! 

Louise Sugden is the host of Rogue hobbies and set up her channel after leaving Games Workshop in the hopes of creating a community of like-minded people who love and appreciate the sillier side of Warhammer, miniature painting and wargaming in general! Her love for Goblins and bright colours is evident in both her unique miniature painting style and her own miniature range aptly named Rascaltown!

As fellow lovers of all thing crazy goblin, and with a similar penchant for almost excessive use of colour, a match between Rogue Hobbies and The Colour Forge is about as obvious as it gets.

If you’ve not checked out Rogue Hobbies channel, check it out here!

And that’s it for the reveals of the brilliant people working with us on the upcoming Signature Series!!

Check our socials over the next couple of days as we start to reveal the colours and names they’ve each decided on!

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