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There Was Only One Real Choice For A Name!

We started the week before last with Pete The Wargamer as our first announcement. Now we’re nearly finished showing off all the colour and names for the campaign.

And with Pete, if your familiar with his channel and the great content he puts out, there really was only one name and the colour to go with it.

Here is Pete talking about why he chose this colour and name!


“Dead Animal Bits is, as the name suggests, was chosen to be the perfect colour for when you’re painting those dead, or undead, bits of your miniatures. I settled on its off-white colouration to provide a good basis for both bleached bones as well as pallid, rotting flesh. 

But it’s not just a good colour to use when you’re looking to quickly and easily paint up your legions of skeleton warriors and zombies, it’s also a perfect starting point for your lighter paint schemes. Especially if you intend to use strongly pigmented washes, glazes and inks over the top of it.

Put simply, it’s a good all-rounder primer. It might not be the flashiest of colours but it’s definitely an incredibly useful one and something that I’m really looking forward to making a good use of in my future projects.”

Dead Animal Bits is synonymous with Pete The Wargamer’s channel and his content.
Take a look here.


The Kickstarter Notify Me page is live, so if you’re as hyped for this campaign as we are then drop over there and sign up for notifications!

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