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Bright, Saturated, And Super Useful!

Today’s Signature Series colour reveal stands out all on its own!

Here is Rogue Hobbies’ own Suggs, on the colour they chose for our upcoming campaign!


“This bright pink primer is an absolute POWERHOUSE of saturation and is unlike any paint I’ve ever seen in a rattle can which is partially why I picked it! Bright saturated pinks are a bit of a holy grail paint for me and I’m often left disappointed by either the lack of saturation or the lack of pigment and now we’ve made the perfect neon pink shade AS A PRIMER!! 

Whilst playing around with this shade I wanted something which would really stand out on the tabletop but also of course, be useful to use! This primer is perfect for painting Emperor’s children, Tzeentch demons (or any demon really) and undercoating for saturated yellows/oranges. It also has a secret ability which is that if used over a black primer it creates incredible an instant synthwave neon OSL effect which, trust me, looks AMAZING on anything but especially noise marines or Necromunda miniatures.

I can’t wait to see the way that people will be able to get creative with this truly one-of-a-kind primer colour!”


Rogue Hobbies channel is always as colourful as this!
Take a look here.

The Kickstarter Notify Me page is live, so if you’re as hyped for this campaign as we are then drop over there and sign up for notifications!

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