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Fruits Are Good For You… And Your Models!

Next up to show off their colour for the Signature Series is Peachy!

Here to teach us why fruits are just as good for your models as they are for you! It just had to be Peachy Peach for his entry into our upcoming campaign!


“So the colour I picked was a lovely Peachy fleshtone, it’s great having a vast range of tones and colours, but peach tones are severally lacking these days….not only that, it’s great for getting those Barbarians, Ratmen, Beastmen, Giants and all manner of bare fleshed minis on the tabletop even quicker.

The other great thing about this spray is you can keep it as a mid-tone, go lighter….or with the application of a few washes get a darker tone….in short, it’s perfect for every skintone.”

Peachy Tips channel with all its hobby goodness is ready and waiting.
Take a look here.


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