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Affixing His Holy Seal Onto The Signature Series, It’s Chapter Master Valrak

Day 2 of announcing the collaborators we’re working with on the upcoming Signature Series see The Colour Forge invest in massive amounts of tin foil (as stipulated in the contract) and change our discord profile to pictures of our favorite walls.

We’re very excited to announce we’ve reached across the Pennines to work with this incredibly dedicated 40k content creator.

Chapter Master Valrak!

The Humble Man, the Legend…

Clad in the revered power armour of the Adeptus Astartes, Valrak strides through the accursed battlefields of the 41st millennium, his presence a beacon of unwavering devotion to the Imperium.

Hailing from the hallowed lineage of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter, Valrak is a fanatic among fanatics—a true Space Marine zealot, unyielding in his dedication to the lore, the wargear, and the eternal struggle against the myriad horrors that beset mankind.

His northern twang, resonates across the grimdark expanse of the galactic frontier, disseminating news, prophecies, Rumours (NOT LEAKS) and tales of valour to all who would heed the call.

All hail Lord of the Foil! Our 1st stop for all things lore, rumours, predictions, and upcoming release hype. He never fails to pull us down whatever rabbit hole he’s gone down!

If you’ve not seen Valrak’s channel already, check it out here!

You’ll have to don your own tin foil hat to figure out who the other collaborators are and what colours Valrak and the other collaborators have chosen, but it won’t be long before they are revealed along with the campaign launch date!

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