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Showing How To Be Absolute Hobby Bosses In HD! It’s Tabletop Tactics

We’re hyped to work with one of the hobby’s best video production studios.

Joining the Signature Series today is an entire team of passionate hobbyists who live (and work) to play games with massed ranks of gorgeous painted minis, day in, day out. So it fits that we’d work together in an upcoming line of spray primers that continue to help get your minis painted and on the tabletop.

Tabletop Tactics!

“We roll dice and cut shows across the worlds of Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and D&D to name a few. We’re big on the entertainment, fast with the fun and slick with the tactics. Want to roll with us?

Subscribe for more shows every week! Running a full-time video production studio and event venue in the UK, tabletop games are more than our business, they’re our passion. For even more Battle Reports, reviews and other shows every week, join our On Demand community at or download our mobile app available on iOS and Android.”

They are the 1st name that comes to mind when you fancy checking out a quality battle report from a hugely entertaining group of hobbyists. From army upon army of stunning models, to an unholy amount of rolled 6s, and yes even the occasional person giving up and wishing to live life as a plant.

If you’ve not seen Tabletop Tactics’ battle reports, D&D actual plays, podcasts, and meta-commentaries.
Go check them out here.

We’ve for just a couple more collaborators to announce before we share with you their chosen colours and colour names!

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