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Tea-Fuelled Tutorial Titan Joins The Signature Series! It’s Peachy Tips!

We’re super excited to be working with the tea-fuelled hobby legend, Peachy!

Pure digital motivation to get your pile of shame gone and your latest hobby project complete. Peachy’s only human, he paints model pants on 1 leg at a time, but when he does they have crisp highlights and great recess shading!

Peachy Tips!

I’m Chris ‘Peachy’ Peach, formally an Army Painter and Warhammer TV Presenter for Games Workshop… but that’s old news, I have my new painting & hobby channel called Peachy Tips.

On this channel I pass on all my speed painting know-how, hacks and other related shortcuts to help the everyday hobbyist with all their painting ailments… as I know time is our most precious resource, well it is for me, I’m old you see….not much time left to paint my piles of toy soldiers.

We love Peachy’s content. As much as we love the epic tutorials and brilliant ideas, we LOVE seeing how stuff can go wrong for such a hobby titan! It makes us feel better every time we get things wrong (and now we know how to fix it).

If you’ve not seen Peachy’s channel then you’re missing out!
Take a look here!

Wanna know what colours and names Peachy and the other content creators have chosen?
Keep an eye on our socials in the next couple of days!

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