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Zenithal Bundles… Cool… So what are they?

We were able to go through our wide range of popular spray primers and design a set of zenithal bundles. 

We’ve picked these 9 bundles to help cover the vast majority of projects as we introduce this technique for painting armies quickly. But what are these 9 bundles, what’s in them, and what sort of projects can they be used for?

Let’s take a look at them…

Three Monochromes

We’ve created 3 different monochromes to cover a whole host of projects and provide a great all-rounder base for these bundles. 


Provides a great base for any colour scheme. It’s particularly useful for any multi-coloured schemes, or for skirmish forces that have different colour schemes but you want to all have the same zenithal effect. 

Painting some Howling Griffins or Marines Errant? Bringing together a Shatterpoint or Marvel Crisis Protocol warband? This Zenithal Bundle is for you.

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone – Standard Grey
Light Tone – Matt White

Light monochrome

Perfect for lighter colour schemes; white, light grey, cream. But can also be used well for more saturated colour schemes where you really want the colour to stand out. 

Looking to start a project of Stormtroopers or Vior’la Sept Tau? Maybe you’re going for a Rogue Hobbies or Dana Howl style scheme where the colours need to really pop.

Dark Tone – Standard Grey
Mid Tone – Ghoul Grey
Light Tone – Matt White

Dark monochrome

Get a zenithal effect on black armour and make any darker colour schemes come to life.

This bundle is perfect for any project with a darker scheme or when you’re looking for more desaturated hues. 

Got Templars or Heresy-era Dark Angels on your painting desk? Looking to build an army of Nights Watch? Have you gone all in on the Empire and want Death Troopers and Dark Troopers fighting side by side?

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone – Raven Black
Light Tone – Standard Grey

Coloured Bundles

We’ve designed 4 different coloured bundles to cover some very popular projects. These bundles will give you a brilliant zenithal, in some great colours making project completion insanely easy.


Now red things don’t only go faster on the battlefield, getting them to the tabletop is faster too! 

This bundle’s perfect for all sorts; 18th Century Redcoats, Lannisters or Kobolds. Grab this bundle for Blood Angels, add some black trim for Flesh Tearers or go evil with Red Corsairs. Maybe even add some cream for Blood Ravens (although we’re not sure where they sit on the evil/not-good-but-not-horribly-evil spectrum).

Dark Tone – Ruinous Red
Mid Tone – Sanguine Red
Light Tone – Convict Orange


This Zenithal bundle is a great foundation for painting a multitude of blue schemes, not just Ultra-smurfs. 

This bundle works great for Space Doggos and Squats,  Panoceania from Infinity, Death Watch Mandolorians, and more besides.

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone – Tempest Blue
Light Tone – Wolfkin Blue


Flex your green thumb with this zenithal bundle (if you forget to wear gloves)

This bundle is perfect for any project where you need a zenithal effect fit for a genetically enhanced artificer. Paint your space lizards and non-space lizards alike. 

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone – Renegade Green
Light Tone – Salamander Green


The most regal of all the zenithal bundles, perfect for undead Praetorians from Conquest, as much as it is for not-undead Praetorians from Hail Caesar. 

However, you’d be equally well served if you went in a different direction with the royal worshippers of that Prince of Pleasure, Slannesh? 

Dark Tone – Matt Black
Mid Tone – Vampire Violette
Light Tone – Imperial Purple

Muted Bundles

Lastly, we’ve included 2 different bundles to cover lighter warm tones and earthen brown tones that can cover some very specific projects as well as opening up options for different styles of painting.


Perfect for darkened, earthen brown projects (hence the name), this bundle will cover tons of schemes. From grimdark, corrupted, or rusted schemes all the way to modern camouflage and Rebels storming a forest moon. 

Dark Tone – Hyrax Brown
Mid Tone – Trench Brown
Light Tone – Ossified Earth


The last, but definitely NOT the least useful bundle in our introductory range. For all your Desert Raider or Battle Droid needs, this zenithal has you covered. 

Have a light colour scheme but want to include warmer tones, this bundle is perfect for you.

Dark Tone – Trench Brown
Mid Tone – Desert Sand
Light Tone – Wight Bone

All this being said we can’t wait to see all the weird and wonderful ways the community finds to use these Zenithal Bundles! Ways we couldn’t even imagine when designing these bundles. Happy hobbying, and don’t forget to tag us in your projects and use #UpYourHobbyGame.

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